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Herbs that shrink fibroids

Fibroids are benign tumors that are generally found in the lining of a woman’s uterus. These tumors may not be cancerous, but they do cause a lot of discomfort and pain and are a common problem amongst women. They can lead to painful menstrual cramping, heavy bleeding and also infertility in women. Often women prefer using natural methods to cure fibroids rather than opting for surgery.


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Unless and until a physician has suggested only surgery to get rid of the fibroids, it is best to look at natural ways to cure fibroids with herbs. Let us see what herbs can one use to stay free of fibroids or shrink them.

Chaste tree
This is s a small tree that is native toEurope and has along history of used as a medication for a variety of gynecological problems. The ingredients of this herb consist of diterpenoids that stimulate the pituitary gland to increase dopamine. This further helps in regulating estrogen and progesterone and this estrogen-regulating effect helps shrink fibroids.


Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a prickly herb native to southernEurope. The seeds are often used to treat liver and digestive problems. The active ingredient here is silymarin that helps in liver cleansing and generate new cells. As the liver breaks down excessive estrogen, Milk thistle can help keep the liver healthy and curb the formation of any uterine fibroids.

White Atractylodes

The aromatic herb White atractylodes is native toChina. It is known to act on the spleen and stomach and is an active formula for gynecological problems. Atractylodes root helps in breaking up sluggish blood, and remove heat and dampness in the pelvic area. This helps in prevention of fibroids.

Herbal drinks

There are many herbal drinks too that have been found to be helpful in treating uterine fibroids. One good example is Herbal tea such as chamomile, raspberry, chasteberry, rose etc. These are known to cleanse the liver and regulate hormone levels.

Always take these herbal supplements after consulting your physicians, as some of these are not recommended for pregnant women or lactating mothers. For the best effect, you need to keep your diet healthy too when taking these herbal supplements to cure fibroids.

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